How Can You Donate

It is obvious that one person can’t help millions of people in very difficult situations. That is why we have created Aid for Orphans Relief Foundation:  to gather people who want to make a change in the world. However, without your help it is not possible to realize our goals. Hundreds of thousands of children wait for food, water, medications and other supplies that are necessary for survival. Your donations can save lives and help us stop unnecessary deaths that are most often the result of preventable causes. You can help us to provide children with nutrition, clean water, vaccinations, illness management, hygiene supplies, preventive care and emergency relief. For your consideration, we offer several donation methods through which you can help us to save children’s lives. how-can-i-help

Tax-deductible donation

Using this method of donation you can support us with any amount of money you wish. It is a one-time secure donation for the Aid for Orphans Relief Foundation that we can use to support children with necessary supplies. Tax-deductible donation is possible for those of you who itemize your tax deductions. In this way you can not only help children in need, but you can also reduce your taxable income. Even a small donation can make a change for many children.

Donation in-kind

If you are not able to support us with money for buying supplies, you can make a donation in-kind. Instead of money, you may send to us the supplies themselves. So if you have some unexpired baby formula; children’s food; over-the-counter children’s medications; hygiene and wellness supplies such as toiletries, diapers, and oral-health products for children; please consider giving them to us. Support us by sending the goods to the address below. Please include your name, address, e-mail and phone number so that we can send an acknowledgement of your gift.

Donate Your Miles

Many of you travel by means of airlines on a regular basis and that can be used to support our foundation. You can donate your unused frequent flyer miles in order to help Aid for Orphans Relief Foundation. We can make good use of your donation. Remember that with little effort your daily routines can help to prevent unnecessary child mortality.   donate-fight-liberal-media-bias

Foreign Currency

Are you in possession of some unused foreign coins and notes that you don’t have a clue what to do with? Here is an answer. You can donate them to AORF. Just treat your house with a little cleaning and it may be that you will find something that can help children in need. If you have foreign currency, send it to the address below. Do not forget to include your name, address, e-mail and phone number so that we can send an acknowledgement of your gift.

Corporate Donations

A great deal of help can be provided by corporations. Corporate donation constitutes a big part of our donations. That is why we kindly ask our corporate partners to help AORF in achieving the goal of improving and saving children’s lives. The corporate donations can help us to provide many children with the supplies they need.

Planned Giving

Another way to support our foundation is a donation in the form of planned giving. This term refers to any major gift made in your lifetime or at your death and that is a part of your overall financial and/or estate planning. This donation allows you to leave behind a legacy of caring that will help countless numbers of children to fulfill their dreams about a healthy and bright future. For more information please contact us by calling 203-606-8857. donate1

Supplies for children

As little as $1 per day can give so much to those who need your help the most. By donating $1 per day you may provide children with one of these:

  • 24 packets of high energy biscuits for malnourished children
  • Course of anti-malarial treatment for 30 children
  • Immunization against Polio for 48 children
  • Basic Family Water Kits with clean drinking water for 2 families
  • 15 Tetanus Toxoid Vaccinations

Moreover, $1.50 per day is enough to provide 1 malnourished child Ready-to-eat Peanut Paste for Acute Malnutrition. These small amounts of money can actually save a child’s life. Help us gather supplies for children.