Supplies for children – help underserved kids

Children around the world struggle with many different situations. There are those who are orphans – left alone and often forced to live in the streets. There are kids who experience hunger – malnutrition causing starvation and then death. Other children have limited or no access to safe drinking water and the polluted water they drink is the cause of a range of serious diseases.

Many kids around the world suffer from chronic diseases and have no perspective to be cured or at least be given a chance to live in decent conditions. Lots of orphans and other kids at risk have no access to preventive care and vaccination. They are vulnerable to many diseases which could be easily prevented by means of vaccines and using of hygiene supplies.

Ask yourself if there is something that you can do to improve lives of those children!

You too can help!

Biafra, Nov. 1969 Medical clinic in Mabaitoti - Owerri.

We bet that most of you think that you are not wealthy enough to support underserved children. But this is not true at all! If you are willing to spend as little as $1 per day, you can save many children form unnecessary death. Are you wondering what $1 can change?

Feed starving children

Lots of children around the world suffer from malnutrition. Most of them live in Africa where the situation is really dreadful. Millions of children experience starvation and many of them are doomed to die. Factors such as poverty, conflicts, environment, and rapid growth population are the main causes of hunger increase. Many adults are not able to provide their families with a proper amount of food. Their income is to low or there are not enough supplies. This situation is worsening day by day.

Your $1 per day is enough to make a real change in somebody’s life. Thanks to your donation we will be able to provide malnourished kids with 24 packets of high energy biscuits. Moreover, if you are willing to support us with $1,5 per day, we can save a child’s life by means of Ready-to-eat Peanut Paste for Acute Malnutrition.

Fighting with water pollution in Africa


Water pollution is another serious problem in Africa. Polluted water is the cause of many dangerous diseases which most often lead to death. Because of droughts, poverty, conflicts, and harsh living conditions lots of children have limited or no access to safe drinking water. They are forced to obtain water from rivers and other reservoirs. Unfortunately, this water is full of bacteria and parasites which constitute a great threat to human organism, especially for the weakened organisms of malnourished children.

Once again $1 per day can be a huge support for our foundation and of course for African families. This amount of money is enough to provide 2 families with Basic Family Water Kits with clean drinking water. These kits a real treasure for those people. This treasure, which can save their lives, costs you only $1 per day.

Saving children lives – vaccination

Many of the diseases that affect children could be easily avoided by means of preventive care and vaccination. Unfortunately, the majority of families in developing countries is not educated enough in the area of vaccines or have no access to means of preventive care. As a result, lots of children struggle with various diseases and often die. The real sad fact is that this death could be prevented. That is why vaccination is so important, especially in the developing countries where children are exposed to threat of some really dangerous diseases.

Are you wondering how $1 is able to change this situation? With your daily donation we are able to provide 48 children with immunization against Polio. Or we can support children with 15 Tetanus Toxoid Vaccinations. These supplies constitute a great help for children and they can save their lives. Are you willing to join our efforts?

Helping sick children to survive


Countless number of children around the world suffer from chronic diseases. Many of them live in orphanages which are not wealthy enough to support those sick kids. They lack special medications and constant medical supervision. Although, those poor children will never recover, we are doing our best to help them live in decent conditions.

On the other hand, there are kids who suffer from curable diseases such as malaria. In order to get better, a particular doze of special medications is needed. We aim at supporting those children and helping them survive these tough moments.

Thanks to your $1 per day we can treat 30 children with a course of anti-malaria treatment. Your small gesture and our efforts combined together are able to stop unnecessary death among innocent children.

Support our charity foundation

Aid for Orphans Relief Foundation exists to help orphans and other children at risk. However, without your support our goals would be impossible to achieve. Please, keep in mind that the fate of many children around the world is in your hands. Check out our programs of support, learn more about our actions and join our efforts in order to save children lives.

We are counting on your help. Just open your heart to others!