Volunteer for AORF to help us prevent unnecessary deaths of children

By volunteering, you can help us provide children with:

Vitamins, dietary and nutritional supplements

Clean water

Lifesaving vaccinations

Acute and chronic illness management

Hygiene and wellness supplies

We are aware that not all of you are able to make a financial donation, but you have something as valuable as money – your time. You can make a gift of your time in order to help us save countless lives. Children in many regions around the world are waiting for your helping hand. You can support them by becoming a volunteer of Aid for Orphans Relief Foundation. Your time will help us prevent unnecessary deaths of children.

Volunteering is a great way to support our efforts towards providing children with: vitamins, dietary and nutritional supplements, lifesaving vaccinations, acute and chronic illness management, and hygiene and wellness supplies. Your time is highly appreciated and we would be very grateful for your help. As a volunteer there are a couple of activities that you can perform in order to support our foundation and hence, children in need.


You might think that people are aware of children’s situations in developing countries and other particular regions of the world. Nothing could be more wrong. Although the media is conveying information about poor conditions in certain regions, natural disasters and other heartbreaking news, many people are still not well educated about actual obstacles that children have to face every day.

Your role could be to educate people about the hardships of living in the regions where we conduct our actions. You could help them to understand the situation of children who suffer from malnutrition, infectious diseases, and developmental issues. People should know about the problems with access to the clean drinking water, health services and medications. Increased awareness may help us to find more people with good hearts, and more kind people equals more help for children in need.


For every season several fund-raising events are planned. These events are very important for our foundation. First, they allow us to make people aware of the extremely difficult situation of many children around the world. Secondly, they give us opportunities to receive donations that we need to provide children with the necessary supplies they need to live healthy lives.

We would greatly appreciate your help with the organization, marketing and invitation of guests for these fundraising events. All three of these things are essential for the fundraising events to be successful. Good organization, that requires the help many people, is a guarantee of event efficiency; marketing is essential to catch the attention of as many people as possible; and inviting guests is vital for the attendance at the events. In other words, we need many helping hands to ensure that the events will succeed. This success is measured by the number of children whose lives we manage to save.


You can also help by creating your own fund-raising page. A page like this is a great way of collecting funds for children whose lives are in danger. You can help collect money that will provide many children in need with different kinds of supplies. Each fund-raising page equals more people aware of the difficult situation of children around the world. If every one of these aware people would donate even a small amount of money, together we would be able to collect huge amounts of resources, resources that we will use wisely in order to save innocent lives. Every page is a huge help for our foundation and, of course, for every child we are helping. Running such a page is a little effort but it can make a positive change in many children’s lives.

Another thing you can do as a volunteer is to send our link and information to family, friends and co-workers. You can do it by means of email or social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Invite your friends to our events and maybe you will manage to convince them to share your passion for helping others. Today, the Internet is a powerful medium that can be used to do a lot of good things for individuals that need our help the most. Imagine that you will get through to, let’s say, fifty of your friends, and that each of them will reach another fifty people, and so forth, until there is a vast network of people involved in our mission to help at risk children around the world. With your help, we will be able to reach thousands of people who are willing to support our foundation and hence, stop preventable deaths of children in many regions of the world.

Supporting Operations

There is also a lot to do in terms of supporting our foundation’s business. Many people are needed to support our actions in outreach areas, for example, drivers. We need drivers to help with the local distribution of food, water, medications and hygiene supplies.

Your precious time can become a priceless gift that you can give to children in need.

List of our volunteers

* Mark Trevor

* Eric Patterson


To become a volunteer, please contact us.

Call the AORF office at: (+1) 203-848-1803 or email us at: info@aidorphansrelief.org


To become a volunteer, please contact us.

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