Help Children

Aid for Orphans Relief Foundation is all about helping children, as they are the most vulnerable beings not only in time of crisis but also in everyday life. There are many disadvantaged regions in the world where children have to face all sorts of difficulties on a daily basis. They experience lack of access to proper nutrition, safe water, vaccinations, health services, hygiene and wellness supplies. For many of us, the access to all these things is just a given, but for those children it constitutes a kind of luxury that is not always available. They live in harsh conditions that can potentially ruin their health and their lives.

Children need your help

Countless numbers of children suffer from malnutrition and waterborne diseases. In some areas of the world the absence of immunizations results in deaths that could be easily prevented by means of vaccination. Acute and chronic diseases cannot be treated properly because there are not enough healthcare workers and medication to reach every child in need. Insufficient preventive care and a shortage of hygiene and wellness supplies lead to disease outbreaks. The situation of many children seems helpless but we believe that we are able to prevent many unnecessary deaths and improve conditions in which children are forced to live.


Our dream is that every child in the world will feel loved, protected and healthy. Unfortunately, it is not possible. However, we are doing our best to provide children in need with as much help as possible in order to make their lives more bearable. We also take actions in time of crisis, helping children after natural disasters or during different kinds of conflicts. We support health centers with medication that they can use to cure more children and prevent diseases from spreading. Nutrition and safe water are also of great importance. Both of them are provided to children by our foundation in order to keep their bodies strong and immune to diseases.

Our support also goes to children who suffer from chronic diseases and others with developmental disabilities. Developmental issues often exclude them from normal living. They need lots of very expensive medication, operations and constant care of specialists. Many families, orphanages or health care centers are not able to finance all of these children’s needs. That is why we try to help them by providing special medications and donations that can improve the comfort of children’s lives.