Aid for Orphans Relief Foundation could not exist and deliver its programs were it not for our donors and grantors. It is no mystery that our efforts, in order to be effective, must be supported by a good deal of marketing, different kinds of supplies and money.

With your help

Each of our actions (performed in regions of Western and Eastern Africa, Eastern Asia, Eastern Europe, and North America) is supported by the help of our donors and grantors. Thanks to them we are able to improve children’s lives. Every day we fight to create a better future for children in need. Everything we do is dedicated to improving the overall conditions of children’s lives and removing obstacles that they have to face on daily basis. We believe that our fight is worth the effort, and our supporters join us in this belief. Together we can do many great things in order to stop unnecessary deaths and obstacles to child health and well being.


We hope that more and more people will join in our mission. No child in the world deserves to be malnourished, chronically ill or left without access to clean water, health services or other basic supplies. Our goal is to improve the situation of children whose life conditions are far from good. The combined efforts of our foundation and our supporters will help ensure that there are more happy and healthy children around the world.

Our Supporters

Supporters of the product distribution arm of AORF

Corporate Supporters

GlaxoSmithKline (gsk)
Mead Johnson Nutrition
Boehringer Ingelheim
Astellas Pharma Tech
Goldman Sachs
Bank of America
Beirne Wealth Consulting

Foundation Supporters

Newman’s Own
Maximilian E. and Marion O. Hoffman Foundation
Richard Davoud Donchian Foundation

Supporters of AORF’s Weekend Food Programs

Corporate Supporters

Goodman Sachs
Bank of America
Appraisal Associates of CT
Hamilton Connections
Stop & Shop
Edge Technologies
Clinical Insights
Wilson Maturo Motors
MDZ Wealth
Merrill Lynch
Big Y
Trader Joe’s

Foundation Supporters

The Fund for Greater Hartford
Maximilian E. & Marion O. Hoffman Foundation
David Beckerman Foundation
Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation
Macy’s Foundation
The Leon and Toby Cooperman Family Foundation
Community Foundation of Greater New Haven
Peridot Foundation
Cottonwood Foundation
Boston Bruins Foundation
William Casper Graustein Memorial Fund
Red Sox Foundation
MAXIMUS Foundation
The Ethel & Abe Lapides Foundation

Individual Donors

Margaret I. Chustecki
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon VanTuinen
Dr. Joseph Soufer
David Margolis
Joshua Weinstein
Lynne Schilling
Lauragene Lyons Katz
Richard Moran
Sandra Martin
Jimmy Esposito
Robin Seipold
Lois Lyons
Elizabeth Ahmed
Robert Lebson
Erik Scaranuzzo
Brenda Drake
Thomas Harberg Associates
Bruce Hawks
James Giulietti
Ida Ginnetti
Patricia Rehkamp
Mandi Marciano
Dr. Frank Mongillo
Raymond Baldelli
Wojtek Borowski
Nicole Mauro
Patricia Scaranuzzo
Robert Trelewicz
Dr. David Robbins
Alexis Cort
Saira Malik
Lisa A. Stanger

Thank you to all our supporters!