Without our sponsors we would not achieve much. Every help is really important for our organization and would like to express our great gratitude for those who support our actions aiming at improving lives of orphans and other children at risk around the world.

At the moment, our actions take place in several particular regions such as Africa – Ukraine, Cameroon, Kenya, Uganda, and Philippines, Poland, Appalachian region and Connecticut state. You can find there so many children in need… We would not be able to help them if it was not for our sponsors. The support the show us is simply priceless. What is more important it is priceless to all the children who we are able to provide with food, water, hygiene supplies and medicines.

About Abbott


One of our public corporate sponsors is Abbott. The heritage of this company dates back to 1888 when Dr. Wallace C. Abbott started production of “alkaloidal” medicine granules. Since then the Abbott company is all about health. They care for the needs of human at every stage of their lives. Their actions are concerned with:
* Science and technologies which can improve health and practice of healthcare.
* Diversity of products, technologies, markets and people which combined with their goals aim at improving changing health needs.
* Great results as the company’s work influences people’s lives.
* The highest standards of quality which helps to maintain great relationships with their partners.
* Staying true to the ideas which were the fundamentals to founding this company.

Working with such a sponsor is an honor to us. We are more than happy that Abbot company is helping us to improve health and medical care in disadvantaged regions. Thanks to them we were and will be able to help lots of orphans and other children at risk.