Mark Trevor

Mark is a 32-year-old architect living in Hamden (CT). His adventure with our organization started in 2012 after seeing in local web portal an advertisement about one of our fund-raising meetings. At that time he was thinking about devoting himself to some charity actions connected with helping children and our event helped him with his new quest.

Where it came from?

You may be asking form where came this urgent need of helping others. Mark himself was raised in an orphanage. He is more than aware of the hardships that awaits children in orphanages. Since early childhood he have helped his younger friends at the facility they lived in. He tried to be kind-hearted for all the children who were weaker or had some problems with education. He was always there to help as his was coping with his situation better than the others.

After becoming 18-year-old young man, he found a steady job, rent an apartment and continue to visit his orphanage in order to help the stuff look after all the children. Unfortunately, in 2011 he was forced to leave his home town and moved to Hamden where he is currently working as a freelancer architect.

What’s next?

It took him a year to get used to a new place, new clients, new home. After that he immediately started to search for the opportunity to help others and he found Aid Orphans Relief. Since 2012 Mark is one of ours most active volunteers. His main goal is to educate people about the situation of orphans and other children at risk living in the regions where we operate: Africa – Ukraine, Cameroon, Kenya, Uganda, and Philippines, Poland, Appalachian region and Connecticut state. He organizes many educational meetings for the local community, both in our city and also around the state. He is a great help to us as thanks to him more and more people are willing to involve in the actions of our charity organization. Thanks to him we are able to support more children by improving their life conditions.