Foreign currency – almost effortless gesture to help children in need

House cleaning and helping children


Are you wondering what house cleaning and helping children have in common? Well, during house cleaning you can find many interesting things. Maybe you even forgot that you are in possession of some of them. What is important is that some of those things can be used in a very good way. And that is because they can be used in order to save innocent children lives. Still can believe it? Believe it because it is the truth. One of these things that can be really helpful is foreign currency.

With almost no effort you can save children lives

Do you travel a lot? Are you often stuck with foreign currency which is lying around the house? Maybe you think that it is worthless and you have no idea what to do with it. Don’t worry because we have a perfect idea. You can donate your unused foreign coins and notes to Aid for Orphans Relief Foundation. We have some good ideas how to use it. With your help we will be able to save even more innocent children lives. Are you aware how many children needs your helping hand?

Hunger and polluted water kill millions of children in Africa

Did you know that hunger is considered to be one of the greatest world problems? In Africa, countless number of children suffers from starvation. Many of them are doomed to die because there is no one to help them. They need proper nutrition and medical care. And this can be provided to them only by means of charity foundations like ours.

Another problem is the polluted water which is also responsible for many deaths. Dangerous bacteria and parasites living in this water kill those who have no other choice than to drink it. Lots of families have no access to safe drinking water and their lives are in constant danger.

Lifesaving vaccinations for kids


Probably you were vaccinated in your childhood. Thanks to this you were able to stay healthy and maybe you do not even know how many diseases have passed you by. Unfortunately, many kids do not have this luxury. Lots of children do not have access to vaccination and many of them are not aware of its existence.

Lack of vaccination can constitute a big threat to their lives. Especially, when they live in regions where they are exposed to all kinds of bacteria and parasites. Without vaccination lots of kids is doomed to die before their fifth birthday. We need your help to save their lives. Support us and help us give those children a chance for a better future.

Chronic illness management for kids in orphanages and health care centers

Hunger and deadly diseases are not the only problems which many kids have to face. Some of the children suffer from chronic diseases. Those who are unlucky are forced to live in orphanages or spend most of the time in different healthcare centers. This is a big problem because lots of these facilities have no money to provide those children with all the necessary medications and medical supervision.

Orphanages and health care centers need all the support they can get. Otherwise, life of these children will be a constant struggle with pain and all kinds of obstacles. You can change their fate and provide them with a future with less pain and more happiness.

Preventive care is able to save children lives

One of the elements of preventive care is using hygiene and wellness supplies. Keeping up with a proper hygiene is able to save you from future health problems. This truth is well known. Unfortunately, many children around the world have no access to hygiene and wellness supplies. They do not have the opportunity to take care of their hygiene. And this can lead to their death.

Lots of kids, for example in Africa, are exposed to very dangerous bacteria and parasites. In some cases, a proper hygiene could save their lives. Are you going to help us? We need your support in order to provide those children with necessary products and give them a chance for a survival.

Emergency relief in the face of danger


Lots of regions are exposed to natural disasters. The nature is taking its toll and of course the most vulnerable are children. Droughts, floods, earthquakes, and typhoons – they all come unexpectedly and leave behind lots of deaths. Many of children could be saved if only someone had given them a helping hand.

Our emergency relief program is created in order to support children in the time of crisis. We provide them with food, water, shelter, and medications. We are trying to reach with aid as many kids as it is possible but we need your help in order to succeed.

Stop unnecessary deaths with foreign currency

Every gesture matters, even the smallest one. Your unused foreign currency can be of use to us and all the children that await your help. Just do the house cleaning and search for some foreign coins and notes. It is almost no effort for you but it can bring about a big change in many children lives. We are counting on your support. Show a kind heart to all of those children who are waiting for your helping hand.