Corporate donation

What is a corporate donation?


When we talk about corporate donation, we refer to any financial contribution made by a corporation that aims to support a particular organization. The most popular corporate donations are charitable and political ones.

We are especially interested in charitable donations, as they are a great help for our nonprofit organization.

Why corporations engage in charitable giving?

Usually, corporations give to charity organizations because of two reasons. First, there may be some influential leaders in the corporation who are willing to support nonprofit organizations due to some personal beliefs. Secondly, corporations may wish to be seen by the public as good corporate citizens.

Whatever the reasons are, the most important thing is that corporate giving is a very significant part of donations for every organization. We are continually grateful for each donation made by our partners, and we are constantly searching for more and more good-hearted sponsors in order to save even more orphans and other children at risk.

Different kinds of corporate charitable giving

The easiest way to classify different kinds of corporate charitable giving is to divide them into two groups: cash and non-cash contributions.

Cash contributions include:

  • Community Grants that support local community efforts of nonprofit organizations,
  • Matching Gifts – program based on corporations matching employee donations,
  • Volunteer Gifts – program based on employee-volunteer service to a nonprofit organization.

Non-cash contributions include:


  • Donating new or used equipment or supplies (for example electronic equipment, clothing, or medications),
  • Giving organizational services or facilities (for example administrative support, computer services or other professional services and support),
  • Giving professional services (for example financial or legal advice, organizational development, and other).

Philanthropy as a way of helping others

Philanthropic attitude is a great way of helping others. Those of you who are willing to donate your money, supplies or time are a real treasure to every community. Charity foundations like Aid for Orphans Relief Foundation could not exist without good-hearted people. No matter if you are a head of a big company or an employee, you can always find a way to help those who need your support the most – orphans and other children at risk around the world.

Do not hesitate and do something for others today!