Donation in-kind – necessary supplies for children in need

Aid for Orphans Relief Foundation is giving you many options when donation is considered. We are aware that not all of you are able to support us with money. Therefore, we have created for you other ways to support our charity organization. You can help children in different regions of the world by making donation in-kind.

What is donation in-kind?


Donation in-kind allows you to support Aid for Orphans Relief Foundation by means of supplies. Sometimes you have at home different supplies which are no longer of any use to you. It is a great idea to donate them because, with almost no effort, you can help many orphans and children at risk.

There are many supplies that you can hand over to us. They include, inter alia, unexpired baby formula; children’s food; over-the-counter children’s medications; hygiene and wellness supplies such as toiletries, diapers, and oral-health products for children.

What are the problems with supplies in developing countries?

It is hard to imagine that many children have no access to such basic goods. Unfortunately, this is the truth. They have no food, no medications and no hygiene and wellness supplies. Many of us take such products for granted. We have no problem with purchasing all the necessary goods. Unfortunately, the situation in developing countries is completely different.

Lots of adults do not have enough money to support their families with basic hygiene and wellness supplies. On the other hand, many families do not even have access to such goods. They live in unsanitary conditions and their live is a constant struggle for survival.

Why donation in-kind is so important?


Because of difficult situation in developing countries, many children are simply doomed to die. Without proper nutrition and hygiene their organisms are extremely weakened. Those children are not able to fight off any diseases. Their immune system is completely damaged. They stand no chance against infections and various bacteria.

You can give them a chance for a healthy future. All you need to do is to make a donation in-kind. Why it is so important? Those kids need food and hygiene and wellness supplies. These products are vital for their survival. With proper nutrition their organisms will become stronger and able to support immune system in fighting diseases.

Hygiene and wellness supplies are necessary for children health on daily basis. They face dangerous bacteria every day. Proper hygiene will help those kids to defend themselves against many infections. Therefore, above mentioned supplies are able to save many children lives. That is why it is so important to support kids in developing countries with necessary products.

Donation in-kind for charity foundation

As you probably already know, Aid for Orphans Relief Foundation is a non-profit organization. Without help of our sponsors and good-hearted people, we would not be able to exist and help children around the world. Donations in any form are essential for our actions. Thanks to them, we have money and supplies that we can use to save innocent lives.

Donation in-kind is a great idea for those of you who are not able to support us with money. We highly appreciate every gift because even small packages equal help for children at risk. Do not think that your gesture is not enough. Every help matters and every supply is precious.

Donation in-kind is able to save children lives!


The small gesture of supporting AORF with different kinds of supplies can prevent many unnecessary deaths. Your good will is vital to our non-profit organization. Without your help existence of our foundation would be simply impossible. You might think that help of an individual would not change anything. You could not be more wrong. Every gesture matters.

Imagine that hundreds of people will send us supplies. For every of those persons sending supplies is a small individual gesture but together with other people this gesture becomes really big. We can make a big change. Lots of children are waiting for our help. We are able not only to improve their living conditions, but also to save their lives.

Become a part of lifesaving team

By making a donation in-kind you are becoming a part of our lifesaving team. Your kind heart and a helping hand is all we need to prevent unnecessary death around the world. Search for some unexpired supplies around your home. If they are of no use to you anymore, just donate them to Aid for Orphans Relief Foundation. Save children lives and fight for their healthy future!