Aid for Orphans Relief Foundation could not exist and perform its actions if it were not for our sponsors. It is no mystery that our efforts, in order to be effective, must be supported by a good deal of marketing, different kinds of supplies and money. Marketinfg is important to education, and by education we mean making more and more people understand how life can be difficult for many children around the globe. Supplies are needed to provide children with food and safe water, lifesaving vaccinations, acute and chronic illness management, hygiene and wellness supplies, preventive care and emergency relief.

With your help

Each of our actions (performed in regions of Western and Eastern Africa, Eastern Asia, Eastern Europe, and North America) is supported by the help of our sponsors. Thanks to them we are able to save many children lives. Every day we fight to create a better future for children in need. Everything we do is dedicated to improving the overall conditions of children’s lives and removing obstacles that they have to face on daily basis. We believe that our fight is worth the effort, and our sponsors support us in this belief. Together we can do many great things in order to stop countless unnecessary deaths.


We hope that more and more people will join in our mission. There is no child in the world who deserves to be malnourished, chronically ill or left without access to clean water, health services or other basic supplies. Our goal is to improve the situation of children whose life conditions are far from good. The combined efforts of our foundation and our sponsors will help us make happy and healthy children around the world.

Taking under consideration our aims, we truly believe that new sponsors will decide to support our activities. If you are a potential sponsor, please do not hesitate. Help our foundation make a change in many children’s lives.

Our sponsors

The sponsors who support Aid for Orphans Relief Foundation at the moment are:
1. Public Corporate Sponsors
* Abbott
* AstraZeneca
* GlaxoSmithKline (gsk)
* Mead Johnson Nutrition
* Genentech
2. Private Corporate Sponsors
* Hootsuite
* Clinical INSIGHTS
* Google
* Newman’s Own
* Salesforce
3. Financial Corporate Sponsors
* Janney
* Goldman Sachs
* Bank of America
* Beirne Wealth Consulting

We would like to thank for your support from the bottom of our hearts and we hope for future collaboration.