Currently, our actions cover the regions of Africa (Cameroon, Kenya, and Uganda), Philippines, Poland, Ukraine, the Appalachian region of the U.S., and in the state of Connecticut. However, Aid for Orphans Relief Foundation is concerned not only with children in those countries but also with individual children living in orphanages around the world. We are looking after 6 children: Jarek, Julka, Miecio, Kacperek, Kamilek and Natalka.

Living in orphanage

 All of these children suffer from chronic illnesses. All of them are in need of special medications and constant medical supervision. These things are not cheap. Unfortunately, most of the orphanages are not able to provide these children with all the necessary supplies. That is why our non-profit organization decided to help those institutions. We are trying to support them in different ways. Every day for those children is a constant struggle with their diseases. Although it is impossible for these ill children to recover, we try to make their lives decent and more bearable.

What about Kacper?

Kacper is a little boy living in Poland. Kacper’s problem is suspected autism as well as laryngeal stenosis, or a narrowing of his larynx. He has already undergone a treatment involving planting of a tracheotomy tube that helps him to breath. His young age and worsening condition put him in need of care performed by multiple medical specialists. We can help him by providing necessary supplies for the continuation of his treatment.

With your help we have the power to change his life. Contact us for more details. Kacper and other children are waiting for your help.