Thousands of children from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan need your support

Thousands of children from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan need your support

According to Eurostat data, around 133 thousands of children applied for asylum in European Union between January and June this year (2015). This constitutes for 19 thousands children each month. Children account for 25% people seeking for refuge in Europe.

Millions of dollars are needed in order to support children of refugees and migrants. Europe is in great need of help. In Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, the number of children running from violence decreased by 80%. These children need food, clothes, shelter, and medications. European governments, organization and foundations are not wealthy enough to support all children in need. Therefore, the outside help is of great importance.

Syrian children in need


Help children before winter

Now in Europe, the nights are becoming colder and colder. The weather is worsening. Organizations are making efforts to reach all children in need with necessary support in time. The winter will be a very difficult time in this situation. It is extremely important to take care of as many kids as it is possible before winter.

Lots of governments, organizations and foundations cooperate with each other to keep refugees’ children safe. Everybody try to keep them in good health and protect them from violations of their rights. Still, there is much to be done in coming days.


Different foundations support children in need

There are many things that must be done in order to support children of refugees. Shelters suitable for children should be created. The families of those children should be informed about rules of healthy diet for kids. The education programs for school-aged children should be created.

Another thing that is needed is technical support for governments and partner organizations in areas such as children rights, psychological support, prevention and response to violence, and protection against human trafficking. The support is needed also for children travelling by themselves and for those who were separated from their parents.


Children in Syria need your help

children of refugees

Not only children of refugees are in need of help. There are also lots of children that still stay in Syria and they desperately need your help. Hundreds of millions of dollars are needed to give them a proper support. Unfortunately, many organizations have got not enough money to help all the children in need. Your donation is of really great importance. You have the power to change and save lives of thousands of children.


Support for European countries

Also European countries which have direct contact with the refugees need a lot of support. These are: Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Slovenia, Austria, and Hungary. All those countries are involved in helping children from Serbia, Iraq and Afghanistan. Once again your support in a form of donation will be much appreciated.


Aid for Orphans Relief Foundation is there to help

Aid for Orphans Relief Foundation is doing everything in its power to support as many children as it is possible. We try to provide them with all the necessary supplies. We also fight for their rights and support partner organizations in Europe. Unfortunately, it is still not enough. So many things must be done and so many children are still waiting for support. Moreover, lots of families are still on their way to Europe and more of them are yet to come.


We count on your good will

On behalf of all the children of refugees, we kindly ask to support our actions. Without your support we are not able to help all the kids in need. All we need is your good will. Your kind heart and generosity is of great importance. You must be aware that your donation is able to change or save countless number of children lives. There is no time to waste.

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One person is not enough to help refugees but together we can change the world for better.

Please, help us save innocent children from violence and cruel fate!