Starvation in Africa – what is the problem and how can you help?

Starvation in Africa – what is the problem and how can you help?

The problem of starvation in Africa is one of the biggest problems in this country. The continent that is believed to be the place of the birth of the first human civilizations is now in a grave danger. Every year countless numbers of children die because they lack food. The basic need to nourish the body is so obvious to us. Unfortunately, for them it has become a sort of luxury that is not accessible to everyone.

What are the causes of such a situation? There are many causes. The situation is really bad, and there is no hope for Africa if there is no help from the outside. Many parts of this continent are involved in conflicts. The wars collect the bloody toll, taking away parents from the children and the children, themselves. These conflicts also make it difficult to get access to a proper amount of food and clean water.


What else causes the starvation? Another problem is the drought that has a huge impact on the crops. The fields cultivated by the people are often the only source of food for their families. The droughts are taking away their chance for healthy meals. There is also the problem of AIDS. The sickness takes away parents from children and leaves poor orphans without any protection. There is no one to work on the field, therefore, no food is produced.

What is the way out from this situation? As you see, there are many elements involved. They are all closely connected and operate on the principle “action-reaction”. It is not enough to stop one thing, as another one will be in force. Actions should be taken on different levels simultaneously. Lots of people and organizations should participate not only in providing children in Africa with food and safe water, but also in solving conflicts and working on solutions in order to prevent the same problems in the future.

Where to start? It is actually quite simple. Your help, in a form of a donation or volunteering, can change many lives. What we ask of you is a little bit of interest and a kind heart. Imagine all the people around the world who can help – together with Aid for Orphans Relief Foundation we can make the world a better place for thousands of children.