Is vaccination important? Preventive care in Africa

Is vaccination important? Preventive care in Africa

Everybody knows the proverb that it is better to prevent than cure. An average person, hearing it, would think about something like eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, seeing a doctor regularly, and wearing warm clothes in the winter to avoid catching a cold. Unfortunately, it is not so simple. Where preventive care is a matter of life and death, as it is in Africa, we need to make sure children are immunized against devastating childhood illnesses such as polio and measles.

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Children dying in Africa every day

The most common health problems in developing countries are: malnutrition, HIV/AIDS, pneumonia, malaria, diarrhea, and measles. Millions of children have already died because of these diseases. The sad part is that many of these deaths could have been avoided by means of preventive healthcare.

Unfortunately, many African families are not able to follow the rules of preventive care. The conditions they live in are dreadful. Many do not have access to even the basics of food and clean water. People are simply not capable of taking proper care of themselves and their children. Diseases are spreading each and every day, and more and more children die because of them. We all can help alleviate these situations.

Preventive care is vital

In order to save children’s lives some steps connected with preventive healthcare must be taken. First, we should take care of malnourished children. Their weak bodies are not capable of fighting any diseases. A healthy and nourished body is needed to give a child the chance to defend himself against sickness.


Secondly, every family should have access to safe drinking water. Clean water is essential to disease prevention because many bacteria and parasites live in polluted water. Drinking such water is a big risk, and it almost always results in catching various kinds of diseases. Unfortunately, these diseases most often lead to death. That is why it is so important to provide all families with safe drinking water.

Last but not least is the need for immunization and lifesaving vaccines. Vaccination is the best way to strengthen the body and give it a chance to protect itself against particular diseases.


Immunity is the key

When facing malnutrition and unsanitary conditions it is vital for children to have a strong immune system. Immunity is passed on to children by their mothers during pregnancy. Unfortunately, this immunity is not a long-lasting defense, and soon the children are forced to fight off the diseases by themselves. That is why it is necessary to provide children with particular doses of vaccines at specified times during their lives.

Immunized children equal healthier communities. When most of the children are immunized, even those who have not been vaccinated are less likely to be infected. This is so because the infection has got limited possibilities to spread. So when we think about areas with extremely bad living conditions, there is only one conclusion – vaccination is vital and can save lots of children from pointless death.

Problems with vaccination

The main 3 problems with vaccination are:

  • no access to vaccines;
  • no access to proper healthcare
  • disinformation about vaccination.


As always, everything comes down to money. Money is needed to provide children with necessary supplies and proper healthcare. Problems like remote locations, poverty and conflicts in many regions make it even harder to reach children and their mothers with vaccines. Lack of medical stuff does not help, either.

The whole situation is very complicated and lots of supplies and people are needed in order to provide children in Africa with vaccines and, thereby, save their lives. The problem is impossible to solve from the inside. Those children need help form the outside, otherwise, they are doomed to die.

Trying to change the situation

Aid for Orphans Relief Foundation, and pharmaceutical companies acting as our sponsors, are trying to change the dreadful situation in Africa. We do everything that it is possible to provide more and more children with necessary vaccines. It is a hard task, but we believe that together we can prevent many pointless deaths.

We support local health centers with different kinds of medications and vaccines so they can immunize even greater numbers of children. Every drop of vaccine and every immunized child is one step closer to a healthy community, and a healthy community means less unnecessary deaths. That is why every bit of help matters!

Are you willing to help us?

We ask you for no more than $1 per day. One dollar is enough to provide 48 children with Polio vaccine. Polio is caused by a highly contagious virus. The infection is not curable, and it may lead to crippling paralysis and, in some cases, even death.

$1 is also enough to provide 15 children with Tetanus Toxoid Vaccinations. Tetanus is another dangerous disease that causes convulsions and severe muscle spasms. The strength of these muscle spasms can be so strong that they can lead to bone fractures of the spine. As many as 30-40% of tetanus-infected persons die.

Please, support AORF and help us stop unnecessary deaths!