ugandaAs a developing country Uganda lags behind many other places. In the early 1900’s Uganda was hit very hard by the HIV/AIDS epidemic in East Africa. Although great strides have been made, there are still many children being born with the AIDS virus.

AORF is pleased to be partnering with Call to Care Uganda, a foundation that is supplying clean water to rural and remote communities as well as building community centers and supplies for schools. These communities can now depend upon AORF to donate medication, medical supplies and hygiene products to facilities that have very few resources.

The Chain Foundation, near Kampala, is an orphanage with 106 children, from birth to 18 years of age. The “sick bay” also serves 70 additional children who are referred from the local school. AORF is working with the professional staff of “Chain” to supply specific medication that is needed.

Our second recipient through Call to Care Uganda is the Mitooma Junior School in the Western Uganda which was started in 1998. Although remote, this school is now ranked 31st out of 11,000 in general performance in the entire country. Of the 310 students in the school, half are boarders. The “sick bay” was constructed in 2012 and is in desperate need of supplies to care for this number of children. AORF will maintain a steady supply of medication to help make this a model of care.

The birth rate in Uganda is very high estimating 6.1 children per mother. This number combined with inadequate prenatal, delivery and infant care contributes to high mortality rates.

Mortality rate under 5 years 90 per 1000 births 9%
Maternal mortality rate HIV- 4030 per 100,000 4%
Malaria- 29,000 per 100,000 29%
Children under five deaths Pneumonia 17%
Malaria 13%
Premature births 13%
Diarrhea 10%
HIV 7%
Other 17%

Our collaboration in Uganda will have a great impact for the children receiving medication from us.