Difficulties of African childrens

Difficulties of African childrens

When most of us think of a typical child in America we think of a happy, well fed little person who goes to school and sleeps in a warm bed. In Africa, many children work for 15 hours a day, two times more that the average adult in Europe. Few of them have a chance to even see what a school looks like, let alone to have the opportunity to learn to read or write fluently. Many African children live in primitive houses, have limited access to food and water, and are prone to many diseases because of that. They face many threats in their young lives. Their everyday life is a fight for survival.

Shocking numbers

The problem becomes more visible to us when we see the numbers. In the Sahara area alone, 25 million children suffer from malnutrition. Clean water is also a rarity there. Because of this, children die every day. They die of illnesses caused by a lack of basic resources that the average child in “our world” has.

Destructive HIV virus

Another serious threat to African children is the HIV virus. In recent years, many children have become orphans due to their parents suffering from this terrible illness. Up to 39% of children in Rwanda have lost both their parents. Thus, there is a need for more orphanages and shelters for these unfortunate children. What is their future? If there is no food, no water, no schools – what lies ahead for them? In Africa, 40% of the children work between the ages of five to fourteen. Most of the children in Europe do not even go to school yet at the age of five! To earn money, many children in Africa go into the military. They are forced to fight for money, often under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Thankfully, due to the world’s access to the internet and international media, more people are learning of the plight of these children. Many people want to help, however there is still much to do.

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